Are you interested in another type or size of package and you did not find it in our e-shop??

Contact our customer service. Many manufacturers supply different types of packaging, but we do not publish them these in the e-shop due to the fact that the sale of these types of packaging is more demanding on logistics.

In case of your interest and when that another type of packaging is available, we can agree on the price and transport individually. Manufacturers often offer, for example, 20 liter packages or barrels with a capacity of 60 or 200 liters.

It may happen that with certain products you will find at our competitor e.g. 5 liter packages and  we have the same product available only in 4 liter packages, or that we sell a certain product in only 1 liter packages, but the competition also sells 4 or 5 liters packages. The reason is mostly that the manufacturer does not supply the given packaging to Slovakia. As we only buy from official sources in Slovakia, we do not have access to packaging that is only available abroad.