Why we don't sell Mazda Original Oil?

Mazda Original Oil is currently manufactured for Mazda by TotalEnergies.

Mazda in partnership with TotalEnergies in Europe does not supply Mazda Original Oil (formerly Dexelia) to anyone except Mazda's official repair shops.

Simply and summarized, there is currently no legal way to offer Mazda Original Oil to our customers in our e-shop without any doubts about its originality.

We contacted TotalEnergies offices in several European countries, and each responded that they could not supply Mazda Original Oil products to us and that this rule applied throughout Europe. It is also not possible to buy this oil in bulk at an original Mazda workshop and then sell it on an e-shop, as Mazda restricts the distribution of this oil in bulk through their Mazda workshops.

If you like your Mazda car and want to use Mazda Original Oil, buy it from an authorized Mazda dealer / workshop and you will be sure of its originality. Alternatively, choose another brand of oil that meets the requirements specified by Mazda and buy it in our eshop.