Why are our prices higher than in competing cheaper e-shops?

The reason is very simple. Our goal is not to do everything we can to sell you cheap oil. On the contrary, our goal is to do everything to ensure that the engine oil is original, safe and from a trustworthy source. We sell to our customers the same oil, which we pour into our own cars without any worries.

For this reason, we purchase goods exclusively from the official distributors of the engine oil manufacturer, or directly from the oil manufacturer. See our list of suppliers.

When starting up our e-shop and negotiating oil prices, we asked some manufacturers and distributors why our purchase price is so high, when in competing e-shops they sell oil to the end customer cheaper than we at PraveOleje.sk can buy. The answer was that the selected e-shops we asked about do not buy oil directly from the manufacturer or official distributor, but probably through an intermediary or from abroad, as these oils can be purchased cheaper abroad.

This does not apply to all brands of oil. Some manufacturers and distributors have provided us with significant discounts, thanks to which we can also compete on price. However, for some brands, we are forced to sell oil to customers more expensive. We hope that our customers will appreciate the certainty that our oils were purchased only in Slovakia and only from official sources. At the same time, we can say that oil, which is a few euros more expensive, is still a negligible item compared to the total operating costs of your motor vehicle and that it is really not worth buying cheap oil.