How to dispose of old engine oil and other dangerous liquids

Never pour engine oil and other dangerous fluids or lubricants (transmission oil, brake fluid, engine coolant) into the sink or toilet. Also, never dispose of these liquids or their packaging in nature, as they are very dangerous to nature and can damage plants and hurt animals or degrade water resources.

If you have the engine oil changed at a car repair shop, they will take care of the old oil.

However, if you change your engine oil at home, the only ecological way to dispose it is to hand it in at a
waste recycling facility, which will take care of its ecological disposal or recycling. Not every facility takes motor oil. We therefore recommend that you call to your nearest waste recycling facility by telephone before your visit whether the used oil will be taken from you, how much and under what conditions. Most facilities require that you bring the engine oil in its original package. For this reason, do not throw away the cans from new engine oil, but pour the old engine oil into them and bring to your waste recycling facility.

Contact of a dangerous substance with humans, fire or leakage of substances into nature - what to do?

Every dangerous substance sold on our online shop (oils, coolants, brake fluids, etc.) contains a document called Safety Data Sheet.

The safety data sheet contains information about  the hazards of the substance and the procedure in cases such as:

- eye contact
- ingestion
- skin contact
- fire
- leakage into soil or water
- e.t.c.

You can find the safety data sheet when opening the product by clicking on the Attachments tab.
Click on the SAFETY DATASHEET to download the file in PDF format:

Safety data sheet