About us

The company Muth s.r.o., which operates the store PraveOleje.sk, was established in 2015 and initially provided IT services only.

However, our hobby were always cars and technology, and that is why the idea of ​​start something within the company that will be more a hobby than a job was still present. The pulse was the uncertainty when buying oils online for our cars, which we service by ourselves. We have always had some doubts, mainly for the following reasons:

- often suspiciously low oil prices on the Internet

- availability of types of packages and volumes that were not supplied to the Slovak market by official oil producers, but could be purchased in Slovak e-shops

- availability of brands of oils, which the manufacturer doesn't supply anywhere else, apart from the network of authorized car workshops , and strictly monitoring compliance with this rule - nevertheless, these oils were sold on the internet for a low price.

We therefore addressed the manufacturers and official distributors directly with the idea of ​​launching our e-shop. Our customers can find a list of our suppliers for every brand we are selling on the page Our suppliers.

With us you don't have to have any doubts about the origin of the oil for your car!